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Stunning Street-Legal IndyCar is the Ruler of the Roads


by Richard Darell

Who doesn’t dream of zooming through the race tracks in a Formula 1 car? Unfortunately, not all of us can participate in the exhilarating sport, but we can definitely create a street-legal IndyCar that will make heads turn on the highway. Do not believe us? Meet Dean Loucks, an artist who has converted a Formula 1 car into a street-legal IndyCar! This beauty on wheels gathers much attention at gas stations and on the road. A less glorious version of its former racing self, but still way more spectacular than anything we own!

When Dean purchased this magnificent car, it had already been configured to be street-legal but was in pretty poor shape. Dean and his team spent hours in polishing and pruning the car and provided it with some dazzling features. More than 1000 hours were spent in customizing the race car and making it as splendid as it is today. That is some commitment, considering that most of us have an attention span of barely a few seconds. From redesigning the exteriors to overhauling the starting and battery charging mechanism, Dean dedicated a lot of effort to this mammoth task. However, the final result more than makes up for all the labor of love!

To keep the cops happy, Dean has introduced a key ignition system that makes the car more street friendly.

He has also added a display that provides all the information about the fuel, speed and other such essentials. The car basically has all the features of a regular model but its sleek design can put any four-wheeler to shame. This mean machine weighs only 1,200 pounds and can run at a maximum speed of 120 mph. The original motor meant for much higher speeds has been replaced by a smaller one to fit its current job description!

This Formula 1 streetcar may not be able to put up much of a show on the race tracks but it sure comes in handy when you need to impress people. It is an excellent conversation starter and will definitely help you break the ice with the neighbors when you move into a new house. Who wouldn’t want to take a picture of this former hero of the race tracks that now sets the roads on fire? It is hard to believe that it is a street-legal IndyCar that is no longer used for racing because it seems to be in such good shape.

With so much sweat and time devoted to offering this car a makeover, Dean is not willing to sell it for less than its true worth. He says that in his opinion, this car is worth at least $150,000; after all, it is a one of a kind masterpiece. Dean has received several offers in the range of $80,000 but he is firm about how much this car means to him. If you have that kind of money, do consider investing it in this ravishing race car. You may not be able to win the Grand Prix but taking this Formula 1 streetcar out for a spin is still worth the 150 grand!

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