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Video: Artist Creates Street Legal Indy Car As His Next Work Of Art

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I’m sure when you were kids you probably dreamed of winning the Indy 500 and drinking that glass of milk much like this years winner Juan Pablo Montoya.

Well most us will never win the 500 which is why graphic artist Dean Loucks of Elkhart, Indiana, decided to do the next best thing: build his own street legal Indy car. In 2007 Loucks purchased a back up chassis from Indy racer Eddie Cheever. Though the chassis was already set up for road racing it still took Loucks over 1,000 hours to make this baby street legal.

Aside from the sheer fact that an Indy Car is driving on the street, this ride stands out with his graphic skills. He uses his magic to create a black and red paint job with lightning, flames and black graphics. He even made himself an official “sponsor” his Graphic Arts Company the Art of Design. Further adding detail, a bad ass slogan on the air scoop reads “At 200 mph you have no friends,” which remind us that in racing it’s every man for himself.

The methanol burning Infiniti V6 is long gone and has been replaced with a small-block Chevy. This mill may not reach 200 mph but can reach 120. Weighing only 1,200 pounds this car can fly on the street.

The cockpit still very much looks like an Indy Car as it still contains the RacePak screen, push button start (though it now needs a key) and the removable steering wheel. The Indy Car turns all kinds of heads whenever Loucks takes it for a spin around town. Where ever this baby goes, she never fails to draw a crowd. Would you drive one of these cars to your local cruise spot?


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