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The Vision

“When a project leaves TAOD, it takes a piece of our lives with it.  We often spend hundreds of hours on a design that takes months.  Our art has depth because it comes from inside each person who contributes to the project.  It’s exciting to see it completed, and sad to see it go.  As our customer, you’re not buying a design, you’re buying a piece of our lives.  We know the project is done when we can’t find a way to make it better.  Then, and only then, can we let it go.”  – Dean Loucks

“Have no fear of perfection.  You’ll never reach it.”

– Salvador Dali

“Not listening.”

– Dean Loucks

It’s been said the pursuit of perfection is folly.  Thankfully, Dean Loucks, the creative force behind The Art of Design, has never listened to such nonsense. Founded in 1998, TAOD has grown from a basement operation into one of the nation’s leading design and custom paint studios – largely because Dean never learned to quit.  “I think that people are sometimes afraid to be successful,” he says. “Take every opportunity that comes along.  Get experience.  Work, work, work. Make yourself better.” 


From its earliest days as a one-man operation to its latest iteration as one of the most influential studios of its time, TAOD has consistently pushed the line of innovation and delivered unparalleled beauty.  “Each project we finish is our best work,” Dean says,  “until the next project, when we find a way to take it to the next level.” It is this drive for perfection that has not only earned Dean the reputation of being the very best in the industry, but has led to some remarkable relationships.

“Since we started,” Dean says, “we’ve done specialty work for every major motorcoach and boat company, and have unveiled our designs to all major automotive companies.”  With high-profile clients including Liberty Coach, PUMA, Valvoline, Saturn, Prevost Motorcar, KitchenAid, Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, the Charlie Daniels Band and J.W. Henry, the former owner of the Florida Marlins, Dean has had the opportunity hone his skill in some of the most competitive markets, and he’s always pushing to make his clients’ experience with TAOD the very best it can be. “I believe in delighting the client. In delivering my best work – always.  I listen to the customer, then I exceed his expectations.”  


So, What’s Next For TAOD? 

With the company where it is today, Dean hopes to focus more on training others around the country in the unique painting styles he’s developed.  “In the future,” he says, “I’d like for TAOD to be known for the art of what we do – the art of taking care of customers, and the art of design.  We’ve always been a company that pushes boundaries, that comes up with new and different ideas – things that most people would never even think of.  Ultimately, I’d like for us to be known as the company that could do it all, and do it well.”



Curious what TAOD can do?  Check out our gallery here.

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