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Dean Loucks' art spans a wide range of canvases — motorcoaches painted for rock and country stars, race boats, motorcycles, trucks, helicopters, powerboats, Indy cars, automobiles, KitchenAids, and Sauter pianos. He will paint just about anything.  When you see Dean's signature, you know that you're getting the highest quality finish possible. It is our stamp of approval on the best of the best, to let you know you're the proud owner of a premium piece of art. Before you purchase Dean Loucks' signature art , you need to ask yourself...


"Can you handle the attention?"

Liberty Coach hand painted by TAOD


Any time you see Dean Loucks' signature, you know that you're receiving the highest quality finish possible.

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Custom boat genius Dean Loucks Signature Series signifies award-winning creativity and quality.


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Enstrom 480  4.jpg


Take to the skies with a Dean Loucks Signature Series aircraft and let your imagination soar.


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Car custom painted by Dean Loucks and TAOD


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Truck custom painted by TAOD


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Hand painted motorcycle by Dean Loucks


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Sauter piano custom painted by TAOD and Dean Loucks

Musical Instruments

Dean Loucks Signature Series creates a unique harmony between look and feel.


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Dean Loucks painting for Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Dean Loucks is the first and only artist licensed by the University of Notre Dame to create officially licensed fine art pieces.


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Dean Loucks hand paints KitchenAids


Dean Loucks is the only artist to have a contract with KitchenAid to create these working attention grabbers.

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