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Liberty Coach

Dean Brings His Signature Flare to Liberty Coach

“People were blown away and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.  Customers, and even paint shop owners, were coming over and were amazed by the technology we are using.”  - Frank Konigseder

Liberty Coach painted by Dean Loucks and TAOD

Liberty Coach Teams Up With Artist Dean Loucks and TAOD

When Frank Konigseder, vice president and co-owner of Liberty Coach, decided to add more flare to the custom design finishes for the 2013 Prevost lineup, he knew immediately where to go.  “Each new motor coach we manufacture is guaranteed to offer a truly innovative and unique interior design,” he said. “An equally innovative and original paint finish is just the next logical step. And who better to provide it than the very best in the business?”

Dean was no stranger to Liberty Coach, having worked with them for over 20 years on numerous specialty projects, including an adobe Aztec village for Country Western star Randy Travis, a baseball-themed design for J.W. Henry (former owner of the Florida Marlins), and a Napa Valley inspired mural for Brassfield Estate Winery.


Dean also painted the first $2,300,000 Liberty Coach, Luxe Lady, which was featured on Travel Channel’s Mega RV Countdown



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