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Traveling in a Work of Art

Dean and TAOD team up with Liberty Coach


Custom Paint & Design

Fine Art

Airbrush legend Dean Loucks creates art that moves.  Whether speeding down the interstate, zooming through the sky, or skimming across the water, his bold, clean lines and forward design make it impossible to look away.  There’s a reason we ask, “Can you handle the attention?”

Known for his unique style of painting, called “The Art of Removal,” Dean’s art captures an enthusiasm and kinetic vibrancy that grabs the eye and doesn’t let it go. From metal sculpture to abstracts to portraits, get ready to be moved.

Who Is Dean?

Dean Loucks' passion for art began when he was just six years old. As a teen he wasn't shy about experimenting with different mediums. Today he is world renowned for his adventurous approach to art and his unique canvases. His art spans a broad spectrum of "moving" art including motorcoaches painted for rock and country stars, powerboats, helicopters and motorcycles, as well as his own interpretation of "canvas" works.

Dean Loucks Artist
Dean Loucks on cover of Air Brush Action Magazine

Dean's Latest Work

Dean's latest release is a series of acrylic paintings featuring sea turtles. Celebrating the exquisite details of these graceful reptiles, enjoy the blue tones, light reflections, and the many personalities of these beautiful creatures from the sea.

Sea Turtle 2.png
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