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Dean Loucks Creates "The Contraption"

A Symbol of Transition

The contraption painted by Dean Loucks for Plymouth High School

Copper, as an art medium, has always fascinated Dean.  Rich with caramel depth in its raw form, a veritable palette of purples and magentas and blues bloom when it’s heated.  A perfect crossover between tradition and whimsy, copper lends itself well to art appealing to both conservative and contemporary audiences, and was a natural addition to Dean’s Fine Art Collection.  

As a perfect series debut, Dean was commissioned by the Plymouth (Indiana) High School to create a sculpture symbolic of the journey high school students experience as they transition to the “real world.”  Met with enthusiastic praise, Dean’s nine-foot sculpture, called “The Contraption,” hangs in the school lobby beside the following plaque:

“Symbolism is key to understanding this piece. The copper dirigible represents the machinery that runs the modern world, such as government and the economy. Its leader gently guides the ship, while the scout looks for potential hazards and all available hands on deck contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the machine. Rather than fuel, this blimp is powered by the thoughts, ideas, skills and talents of the children of the next generation. The machine pulls these ideas through the funnel and uses them to propel us all into the future.”

With a texture and sheen unattainable through other mediums, Dean’s Copper Collection has a gravity that is no less startling for its subtlety or its whimsey.  An exercise in beautiful nuance, this series might be just what you’re looking for.


Experience the Copper Series here.

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