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Dean Mixes It Up With KitchenAid

"As a functional and enduring work of art, each of these meticulously hand-painted stand mixers is designed not only to be seen, appreciated and talked about, but used in creative ways for many years to come," — Beth Robinson, senior brand experience manager for KitchenAid. 

Dean Loucks paints KitchenAids for Macys

Five custom American flag mixers were painted for KitchenAid to be sent out to Macy's top five performing stores. Each one had an incredible amount of minute detail that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

From motorcoaches to helicopters to boats, there doesn’t seem to be a canvas artist Dean Loucks can’t transform.  Even the concrete floor of his gallery is covered by a great, looping field of airbrushed flowers.  So, when he began to customize the KitchenAid appliances in his own home, no one expected the reaction he got.  “I sent the pictures off to their headquarters, and shortly thereafter, 300 mixers showed up at the shop!” Dean says. “KitchenAid loved the concept.  From the president down, the company mindset is that the mixers needed to be customized! That’s next level!”

Next level, indeed!  In fact, this is the first time in KitchenAid’s 100 year history that they’ve ever signed an artist.  Dean custom painted 140 mixers for them the first year.  Then, they asked him to paint the 2,000,001st mixer of the year, which was unveiled at the KitchenAid in Greenville, Ohio, where it’s still on display, today.  

To celebrate the holidays, KitchenAid offered a selection of six different exclusive hand-painted mixers in very limited quantities – only 100 each of the six different designs.  Each one is individually numbered and signed by Dean.  The designs for the launch included “Golden Petals,” “Leopard,” “Shimmer,” “Noir Leopard,” “Snow Leopard,” and “Serengeti.”

To date, Dean has completed more than 30 different designs, which will slowly be released by KitchenAid.  It seems that Dean will soon be as famous among chefs and foodies as he is in the custom painting industry.  

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Dean Loucks paints 2,000,001 stand mixer that year
Dean Loucks paints KitchenAid

Dean painted the 2,000,001st mixer of the year, which was unveiled at KitchenAid in Greenville, Ohio where it’s still on display, today.

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