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Ketel One Vodka painting by Dean Loucks

The Spirit of Tradition

Dean Sends a Message In a Bottle 

When Carl Nolet, executive vice president of Nolet Spirits, USA, asked Dean to create a piece of art for Nolet’s 325th Anniversary celebration, Dean almost said no.  With a deadline of less than three weeks and a packed travel schedule, Dean decided to test the waters by requesting Nolet send him three commemorative copper bottles.  When they arrived the next day, Dean decided to take the commission.

He wanted to layer the painting with meaning, adding unusual touches, and even found a local artisan to grind copper into a fine enough powder to be sprayed through his airbrush. 


Dean started by taking the cap off the bottle, because that’s where the fun begins!  He created an old wooden background, which represents 325 years of family ownership. The vodka spilled in front of the bottle represents the passage of time, and if you look very closely, you can see the reflections of family members in the puddle, which represent leadership, transition and lineage. 

The portrait was a hit and now hangs on the wall at the distillery in Holland.  What happened to the three commemorative bottles, you ask?  Research, friends.  Research. 

Dean Loucks paints Ketel One
Ketel One painting by Dean Loucks
Ketel One painting by Dean Loucks
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